These are the questions we are asked most about the We Gotta Play Together Centre. If you have a question not listed here please contact us and we’ll answer it for you as soon as possible.

What is your funding goal for the WGPT Center?

To fully fund the We Gotta Play Together Centre we are looking at an estimated budget of $500,000. Money will go towards a full playground area, cafateria, special events rooms and more. To donate please click here and every dollar helps!

What area of the city will the WGPT Centre be located?

At the moment we have not decided what area of the city the WGPT will be located. We will be looking for a location that is easily accessible to as many families as possible. Suitable parking will also play a big factor in our decision.

How do I volunteer or get involved with the WGPT together team?

Please get in touch with us through any of the methods provided on our contact us page. We would love to hear from you and will let you know the best ways you can help. Our team will be meeting regularly to help bring the WGPT Centre to life.

Are there other ways to help?

Yes, any donations you can make are greatly appreciated and will be put to good use. You can also share our website on your social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn. Any way you can spread the word brings us one step closer to our goals.

How long will it take to build the We Gotta Play Centre?

Once funding has been attained we anticipate the WGPT Centre will take about 16 months to complete. Of course that timeframe could be less or more depending on the work involved.

WGPT Centre Features

Parental Area


Open Play Area

Private "Special Events" Facilities


Food & Beverage Area

“There’s always been a commitment to provide playgrounds that welcome children and families to enjoy the fun and now let’s take that commitment even further. It’s time to build an indoor playground that is accessible and inclusive to one and all.”

Let's All Lend A Hand

WGPT needs everyone from citizens, corporations and the government to jump on board and help make this dream a reality. Edmonton has always been a human rights leader and now we have the opportunity to show the province, country and the world how serious it is about helping disabled children.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 780-394-3772


Address: (still waiting on address)



If you'd like to donate to the development of the WGPT Centre we would appreciate your help. Every dollar counts in making this facility something disabled children in Edmonton and beyond can call their own.