Belonging for young children is being in a place where they feel comfortable enough to play without seeking approval – or dodging disapproval – to explore without fear. To redefine their own space and to use the environment around them to create for themselves a sense of order, trust and structure.

 Dev. Bos.

Edmonton’s first totally inclusive and accessible indoor playground. Built for all children that advocates a “zero rejection policy”, where no one is left out because of a disability.

What is the WGPT Centre?

The WGPT Centre if approved will be a 10,000 sq. ft. indoor recreation park for children, especially those with disabilities. We are looking to secure sponsorships and financing so we can help make this dream a reality for children everywhere.

Join Our Team

We are currently looking for volunteers to join us on a regular basis. If you would like to participate with WGPT there are many great ways you can help. Please contact us for more information and our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Donate to WGPT

WGPT stands for “We Gotta Play Together” a slogan that means kids should have a safe place to play, regardless of their abilities or disabilitiesPlease donate to WGPT, every dollar counts to make this facility the first of its kind in Edmonton.

Developing The WGPT Centre

WGPT is embarking on a journey to build Edmonton’s first totally inclusive and accessible indoor playground.

The facility is proposed to feature an enclosed merry-go-round, musical elements for children with autism, panels with Braille for the visually-impaired and sign language diagrams for the hearing-impaired.

There will also be a swing and other playequipment specifically for kids in wheelchairs. The playground will feature colourful, springy surfaces that are soft, but solid, and facilitates wheelchair movement.

WGPT Centre Features

Parental Area


Open Play Area

Private "Special Events" Facilities


Food and Beverage Area

“There’s always been a commitment to provide playgrounds that welcome children and families to enjoy the fun and now let’s take that commitment even further. It’s time to build an indoor playground that is accessible and inclusive to one and all.”

Let's All Lend A Hand

WGPT needs everyone from citizens, corporations and the government to jump on board and help make this dream a reality. Edmonton has always been a human rights leader and now we have the opportunity to show the province, country and the world how serious it is about helping disabled children.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 780-394-3772

Email: info@wegottaplaytogether.ca

Address: (still waiting on address)

Website: www.wegottaplaytogether.ca


If you'd like to donate to the development of the WGPT Centre we would appreciate your help. Every dollar counts in making this facility something disabled children in Edmonton and beyond can call their own.